Why Is My Bow Shooting Inconsistent?

Why Is My Bow Shooting Inconsistent?

Archery is a fun skill to master. Most beginner archers aim to improve their accuracy, so they can hit the bull every time. If you realize that there is a problem with hitting your targets, there might be an issue you need to fix. Here are the main reasons why your bow might be shooting inconsistently.

The most common cause of inconsistent bow shooting is improper stance. Improving shooting posture usually improves arrow consistency. Other common causes of inconsistent shots include not focusing on the target, improper anchoring and dropping the bow too soon.

If you are working towards becoming a better shooter, you need to find a way to work on your consistency. Read on to find out how you can become a better archer.

Common reasons for inconsistent bow shooting

If you want to shoot your bow well, you need to figure out why your shooting is inconsistent. Here is why you might be having issues with your bow shooting. Read on to find out what you can do to rectify it.

1. Poor stance

One of the main reasons you cannot hit your target each time you are shooting your bow is that you have a poor stance. Your posture will greatly determine how your accuracy. If you do not take enough time to practice, you might find yourself shooting off every time, which is frustrating.

The main things you should focus on are your feet, grip, back tension and anchor point. You should position your legs correctly, avoid gripping your bow with too much force, engage your back muscles and always anchor to the same point.

Read more about shooting posture in a detailed post I previously wrote.

2. Not focusing on the target

Many beginner archers focus on the bow sight pins instead of the target. This is commonly called “active aiming”, and while not technically wrong, it usually doesn’t lead to the same performance.

To improve your accuracy, you should instead focus on the target, and use the “blurry pins” to aim. With time, you’ll achieve much better accuracy.

3. Dropping the bow

Whenever you shoot an arrow, you need to give it time to hit the target before bringing your bow down. Dropping your bow as soon as you release the arrow will quickly change the trajectory of the arrow you are shooting.

More often than not, you will end up with an arrow going down the wrong trajectory. Many great archers forget this, and it can get frustrating.

4. Improper anchoring

A very common cause of inaccurate shots is not properly and consistently anchoring. An anchor point is the point you draw your bow to. Archers have consistent anchor point, for example – brining their bowstring to the nose. This way, they know they’re drawing the bow to the same point every time.

If you’re not properly anchoring, you might be shooting the bow differently every time, which causes inconsistency.

5. Being out of practice

Just like every other sport, archery needs to be mastered. You need to find the time to practice your bow shooting. If you have not been training for a while, there is a huge chance that you will be out of practice. It will take you more than one attempt to hit the target, and it might take even longer to get accurate shots. Most archers find themselves in this predicament after taking a long break from archery.

How to improve archery consistency

Now that you know the issues behind your inconsistencies, it will help to figure out a way to deal with them. In doing so, you become a better archer and will get your target every time. Here are some of the ways to sort out your bow shooting inconsistency.

Work on your stance

Before you start shooting your arrows, ensure you practice your stance. Choose your anchor point and stand upright when you want to shoot an arrow. It might take some work, but you will be good to go once you get your stance right.

Learn how to focus on the target

Even though some archers can pull their bows and shoot at the target with both eyes open, it might not work out for you. If you find it easier, close one of your eyes and aim.

It might feel weird at first to focus on the target, but it will help you have better aim.

Keep the bow up after shooting

Dropping your bow too soon will also drop the direction of the arrow. Ensure that the bow is well within its way to the target before you drop your bow. Putting your bow down in a hurry often changes the trajectory of your arrow. Learn to wait until you shoot your target before putting your bow down. That way, whatever direction the arrow was going to will not change.


Enjoy the sport, and practice your archery. You need to take time out of your day and learn how to shoot your arrows. Even in busy times, try to schedule at least a monthly visit to the range.

Staying for too long without practice will mean that you will feel rusty when you come back. Do not let that happen to you before you get back into archery.


Now that you know the issues behind inconsistent bow shooting, work on ensuring you get better at it. While it might not work out the first time, it will help you know that you are improving daily. Better posture will ensure you get the target each time, which is a huge plus for you as an archer. Do not give up until all your arrows shoot the target.

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