25 Non-Obvious Gift Ideas For An Archer

25 Non-Obvious Gift Ideas For An Archer

If you’ve searched the internet for gift ideas for an archer, you’ve probably seen the same list over and over again. Most of the gifts in these lists usually lack a personal significance or an inside joke within them. I asked around and gathered some incredible non-obvious gift ideas for an archer.

So if you’re having a hard time finding an idea for a gift for the archer in your life, you came to the right place.

While crafting the list, I kept a few things in mind, like a reasonable price and how useful the gifts are. You can actually take a few cheap items and create an archery-themed gift, or simply get one big gift. Let this post be an inspiration for you.

Let’s just dive right in and detail each gift idea in the list.

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1. Custom score notebook

Many archers track and improve their score using a scoring notebook, where they note how well they did in every practice session. They can write the score down, and draw where the arrows hit the target. Over time they can see if there are any adjustments they can do to improve their score. A custom notebook with a clean design and a nice personal note can be a really cool gift for an archer.

The notebook should be of a standard size, so it can easily fit into a bag with the gear. You can choose the design of the notebook according to the archer’s taste. This is something you can put a lot of personal touch into, which will make it a great gift.

I’d suggest getting a custom notebook which you’ll be able to personalize, but if you want a standard score logbook as part of the gift, you can get this archery logbook from Amazon.

2. Arm-guard (Bracer)

When the bowstring is released, with the arrow, it travels awfully close to the bow arm of the archer. It can sometimes bounce back as well. Many archers get injured if the bowstring hits their arm.

Arm guards are protective equipment designed to withstand these hits. It’s basically a piece of leather or plastic that covers the forearm, in the area where the string might hit.

It can be a really thoughtful gift if you want to show concern for the safety of the archer in your life.

3. Bow maintenance kit

Bows need frequent maintenance: waxing the bowstring, wiping the limbs, and cleaning dirt, so it can keep functioning properly. You can make a small kit to make this process easier.

A small bag with string wax, dedicated cleaning material, screws oil, and a soft wipe can be really useful for the archer. It’s a small gift that can make their life much easier.

You don’t have to go overboard with this. Most kits on the online vendors really include a lot of things the most archers will not use on a day-to-day basis. You can make your own kit by gathering the items yourself. If you want to get a complete kit, I think this Easton kit (link to Amazon) with minimal additions will do great.

4. Quiver

To carry their arrows, most archers use a quiver. You’re probably most familiar with the back quiver, which is popular in the movies. Some find side quivers more comfortable and hang them near their hips. Moblie-style archers typically enjoy using a bow quiver, to have easy access to their arrows.

It’s actually a great thing to have, and a really thoughtful gift if you decide to get it. Most archers do get them eventually because they make things much easier to carry around, so it’s a useful gift.

5. Archery books

Books are an amazing source of information for archers who’re trying to up their skill level. Nowadays many prefer using online video courses or consultation, but there’s still so much written knowledge.

If you know your archer likes to read, purchasing a book or an ebook can be a great idea. Think about a book that helps with improving archery techniques or a guide to the actual process of training.

This is a great gift both for new and experienced archers. Introduction books can make the training process much faster, while more advanced books usually have the information you can’t find anywhere else, that can really take an intermediate archer to an advanced level.

6. DIY arrow kit

Making DIY arrows isn’t really complicated, but it can be a lot of fun. They can also be made custom fit to the archer’s needs. It’s especially relevant for archers who use wood arrows, but for carbon arrows as well.

The process of making the arrows is pretty simple: cut the shaft to the appropriate length and square it, install the insert and the fletching to the back, and install the head. They just need the right material.

You can get the different parts of the arrow separately and create your own kit, or simply get a complete kit online.

This can be a really fun gift for archers who like to work with their hands and make their own stuff.

7. Gift cards

This might not be the most creative gift, but you can never go wrong with getting gift cards for your local archery shop. This way you’ll avoid getting a gift your archer doesn’t really need.

The cards typically range in price, so you can choose whatever card within your price range.

8. Archery lessons

This is actually one of the best value for money gifts you can get. This is especially true for beginner archers, who are trying to improve their archery form, but also for more advanced archers who need specific advice.

If your archer is a beginner you should probably get group introduction lessons. This is usually what beginners go to because they don’t need the full attention of the teacher with the basic technique.

For more experienced archers you might want to get a private archery lesson. They’ll benefit more from someone taking a close look at their form, and pointing out where they can improve.

I think this can be a really thoughtful gift for any archer.

9. Binoculars

If you’re getting a gift for a bowhunter or a mobile style archer (3D archer or field archer) who spends a lot of time outdoors, binoculars can be a great choice.

The main goal for the binoculars is to help with target sighting and yardage judging. These styles of archery usually include outdoor ranges with unknown environments and distances, so a set of good binoculars can help a lot.

It’s also a great gift for beginner archers with some experience who want to get into these styles since they need to learn yardage judging.

I have a whole page dedicated to recommended binoculars you can choose from. I suggest you check if you like something there.

10. Archery clothes

The first option here is to get comfortable clothes for archery. Especially for mobile style archers, proper clothing is important so they can move around easily. If you’re getting a gift for a bowhunter, you might consider getting a pair of camouflage pants or shirts.

Many archers like to show their hobby off. You can get a cool shirt with archery-related drawings or text. There are so many different designs to choose from online, in archery stores, and at events.

11. Bow Case

Especially for people who travel for archery, having a quality bow case is really important. It should properly hold the bow in place, protect it and be easy to transport. It makes life much easier.

If your archer is planning to travel with the equipment, move it around often or store it for more than a few weeks, a bow case will be a good gift. Make sure to get a quality case that fits the bow and the archer’s needs. I always prefer having a hard case over a soft case, but it’s a matter of preference.

12. Archery range pass

If your archer doesn’t have a place to practice, an archery range pass can be a great gift. This will allow them to practice for free.

This is actually a great gift for archers who has a home outdoor range and can’t practice during the winter. There are a lot of indoor archery ranges you can get a pass to, so they can keep enjoying their hobby in the off-season.

13. Target

This can be a really cool and useful gift for an archer who doesn’t have a target yet. If your archer only practices in archery clubs, setting up a backyard archery range can make their life much easier. Getting a target is one of the first steps.

I have a whole page about the best archery targets you can possibly get, with a detailed buyer’s guide if you’re wondering which one to get. A bag target can be a great choice for a beginner.

This can actually be a cool gift for an archer who already has targets. Getting a 3D target for your archer can be their first step in 3D archery if they’re interested.

14. Finger tabs / gloves

The vast majority of recurve and longbow archers shoot with their fingers. They pull the entire weight of the bow with three fingers, which can make them hurt quite a bit. When your fingers are tired, it’s hard to achieve a clean release.

Figner tabs and gloves help with these problems by protecting the fingers and spreading the weight of the bowstring on a larger surface. This helps the archer’s release and protects their fingers.

If your archer is having a hard time with their release or complains about sore fingers, this is the best gift you can get them.

15. Release aid

While discussing a clean release, we have to discuss release aids. That’s a small device that helps compound archers release their bowstrings. Almost all compound archers use one. I already wrote a whole post about release aids you can read here if you want to know more.

Now if your archer shoots a compound bow, they probably already have a release aid. My idea is for you to get them a different kind of release aid, so they can try out a new shooting method. You’d be surprised how many archers try a different kind of release and dramatically improve their score.

Of course, discuss with your archer what type of release they want to get. Different types of release aids are used for different scenarios, so involve them in the choice.

16. Backpack

Having a ready-to-go backpack that contains everything you need for a shoot makes life much easier for an archer. You just pick it up, take your gear and go.

If your archer doesn’t practice at home, and especially if they’re into 3D archery, a cool backpack can be a great gift. You can put inside anything one might need for a shoot: a first aid kit, towel, an eyeglasses case, snacks, etc.

It shouldn’t be a giant bag – something small they can carry with them and still be mobile with.

17. Foldable archer’s stool / chair

If you go to an archery event, you’ll probably see most of the participants spend a lot of time sitting down on a foldable chair or a stool. It’s the same for bowhunters. They do a lot of exercises and need to rest between sessions.

Getting a foldable chair or an archer’s stool can be a part of a funny gift. You can playfully wink at them being lazy!

18. Rain poncho

Another fun gift idea for 3D archers. Archers can get into funny situations when 3D shooting with unexpected weather. Having a rain poncho in their backpack can keep them from getting wet.

It’s kind of a funny gift that shows that you care. Obviously, get a high-quality poncho that’ll stay usable for a long time, and not a cheap plastic one.

19. Bow stand

If your archer has their own range, a bow stand will be really handy for them.

Archers typically lay their bow multiple times in each session. Sometimes they need a break, they need to retrieve arrows and check their score. Putting your bow on a chair is a solution, but it can easily be knocked over.

Bow stands are cheap and keep your bow safe. They can also be put inside the house to secure your bow between shoots, though not for long-term storage.

It can be a really cool gift for an archer that has their own home archery range.

20. Camel Pack

A camel pack is useful for mobile style archers, and actually, for anyone who hikes. Carrying bottled water while walking through forests can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re carrying archery gear with you. Having a camel pack makes your life much easier.

If the archer in your life is a 3D archery or a bowhunter this can be a really cool gift.

Make sure to find a camel pack that fits the needs of your archer’s backpack. They do come at different sizes (typically measured in liters), colors, and materials, so you’ll probably have an easy time finding one that fits.

21. Multi-Tool

A multi-tool can come in handy in so many situations while bowhunting or during a 3D shoot. You might need to cut something, use a screwdriver or just open a can. Having one on you while shooting will keep you safe from scrambling for tools.

There are a lot of options online for quality multi-tools. One of the most well-known multi-tool manufacturers is Leatherman. I personally own one of their models, and I can personally say it’s of the highest quality. You can get it on Amazon.

In any case, getting a multi-tool for your archer is one of the most useful gifts, for the shoots and generally to have.

22. String silencer

Bows can make a surprising amount of noise. It’s mainly due to vibrations from the string. This can be an issue for bowhunters, because the target might get scared, and is just an annoyance all around.

If your archer is dealing with a lot of noise coming from the bow, and especially if they’re a bowhunter, getting them a string silencer can be such an awesome gift.

It’s basically a small device that the archer puts on the bowstring, which significantly lowers the amount of sound and vibrations of the string.

23. Arrow puller and arrow lube

Depending on the target material, arrow material, and draw weight, the arrow might get stuck deep in a target. When you pull them, you run a risk of breaking the arrows and damaging the targets.

Arrow lube can be used to smoothen the arrow, and an arrow puller can safely pull the arrows from the target.

If your archer has this problem often, getting them an arrow puller can be a nice useful gift.

24. Exercise gear

Most archers spend a lot of time shooting and practicing their skills, but many also train outside of archery, to improve their strength and avoid muscle imbalances. Exercising at home is one of the most comfortable ways to train your muscles and stick to them.

Some exercises are really hard to do at home without some minimal equipment. I wouldn’t go overboard with this – they pretty much only need a pull-up bar, and maybe some adjustable dumbells. These will allow for various corrective and strength exercises.

If your archer has been into archery for a while, it’s a great gift that will help them further improve. If They’re new and having a hard time developing the necessary strength, it’ll also benefit them. Awesome gift all around.

25. Custom bowstring

Most archers change their string occasionally, typically every half a year or so. Recurve and longbow shooters can put custom strings on their bows without professional help.

These strings will be much better than standard ones, and are usually Flemish or endless-loops bowstrings, depending on preference. The custom strings will perfectly fit the bow, and your archer will be able to pick the measurements of the string, including color.

This is a gift many archers find really enjoyable because they can add some personal flavor to their bows.


I’ve detailed my absolute favorite gift ideas for an archer. Many of them I’ve found by asking archers what’s the best archery-related gift they ever got. In my opinion, getting some useful gift with a personal touch is the best choice.

I hope this post inspired you, and that you have an idea of what gift to get for the archer in your life. Good luck!