Why Do Archers Wear Arm Guards?

Most of us are relatively familiar with the basic equipment of archery: bow, bowstring, and arrows. But how many of us are familiar with the […]

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Maximum Range Chart For All Compound Bows

If you’re trying to improve your aim by shooting a compound bow at large distances or designing an archery range in your backyard, you might […]

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Best Youth Compound Bows For Kids Under 14

10 is a perfect age to get into archery. But your child must have the right gear, they can easily learn proper form. In this […]

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Can A Bow String Snap?

Anybody who’s ever shot a bow has probably noticed how much weight is pulling on the thin string. Though the string was designed to withstand […]

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Best Archery Targets For Broadheads (2021)

Any archer who uses broadheads knows this: you really want to shoot them only at dedicated targets, because they’ll tear through standard ones. In this […]

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Why Is My Bow Loud? (Recurve | Compound)

It can happen to any archer; you shoot your bow, only to discover it became really loud. In this post, we’ll dive into why bows […]

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Why Is My Bow Shooting Left / Right?

This can happen even to the best shot. You draw your bow, perfectly aim and release your arrow, only to find it off to the […]

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How Does A Back Tension Release Work?

Many compound archers leave the thumb and caliper releases for a back tension release and enjoy the benefits. But looking at it, it’s not quite […]

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Why Is My Bow Shooting Low?

This might’ve happened to you, where you take what you feel is the perfect shot, only to lower your bow and see that you’ve hit […]