Best Compound Bows Under $1000

Best Compound Bows Under $1000

To excel in archery, you’ll need the right equipment. Good compound bows are compact, efficient, forgiving, quiet, fast, accurate, smooth draw cycle, dead in the hand designs. However, most people believe they have to drop over $1000 to get their mitts on these designs when it comes to compound bows. However, numerous manufacturers produce inexpensive to mid-range bows priced between $200-$800. This here is a buyer’s guide to budget compound bows.

The best budget compound bows

You do not have to spend big on your first archery tools. I’ve selected a few recommendations of compound bows that grow with you, allowing you to start small and build up to the best archery skills.

Diamond Infinite Edge

Built with Diamond’s usual quality and adjustable to a 70 pounds draw weight, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge (link to Amazon) is designed to serve you for years. With a draw length ranging between 13 and 31 inches, it shoots arrows up to 310 feet per second.

It employs a binary cam system consisting of two symmetric cams that ensure perfect nock tuning and travel so you can shoot at great accuracy and consistency.

It also has an EZ Alter Pocket, which allows you to adjust the poundage from maximum to minimum, depending on your needs, simply by turning the limb bolt. The easy-to-read markings allow any user to change the draw weight.

The other advantage is that it’s promoted as a youth bow, but it can easily serve as an entry-level bow for amateur hunters. This bow is designed to grow with you and cannot be outgrown.

However, this bow comes in only Blackops, Pink Blaze, or Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity color choices. Also, you will need vibration dampeners and string silencers if you’re bowhunting. Plus, you will have to assemble it on your own on arrival. That said, many users say once you buy this bow, you won’t ever need another because of its huge range of adjustments.

Bear Resurgence

The Bear Resurgence (link to Amazon) measures 32 inches long and weighs 3.9 pounds when unloaded. It has a bracing height of 6.25 inches and a rotating module so that you can change the draw length between 25.5 and 31 inches. This makes it easy to share the bow with your buddies. It also makes it easy to sell the bow should you want to.

It comes in two draw weight options, each with a 15-pound range, so you can start light and gradually adjust to the maximum. The weight options are 45-60lbs and 55-70lbs. Both have an 80 percent let-off, which is on the low-side for compound bows; of course, the advantage is increased speed; this bow can shoot arrows at an impressive speed of 335 ft/s.

This bow features a dual cam system, vibration eliminating KillerWave limb dampener system, and a Trophy Ridge accessory bundle so you can get to hunting right away.

The disadvantage is that it is not stable at full draw since it weighs only 3.9 pounds. Indeed, it causes the sight pin to wander a lot. It could do with another stabilizer setup.

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

The RAPTOR compound hunting bow (link to Amazon) comes pre-configured with a stabilizer, loop and peep sight, closing shot, five-pin sight, and whisker biscuit style rest, making it an excellent choice for hunters looking for added features and adaptability in a bow. In contrast to a crossbow, it has a weight range of 30 to 70 pounds and can shoot on target from a distance of 30 yards.

It is a high-quality construction. The cables are strong, and the cams are also constructed of metal. It’s built to draw a massive weight and fires at 315 feet per second (fps), striking the target with pinpoint accuracy thanks to a split yoke rotating gear. It has a 30″ axle-to-axle length and a draw range of 24.5″ – 31″.

However, you will need to buy a wrist release featuring a trigger because this package doesn’t include that. Also, depending on your experience, you will need to take this bow to a sporting goods store so that the draw weight can be adjusted to suit your arm and shoulder strength for a comfortable draw.

That said, at such a low price, this bow is underrated, given it features all the bells and whistles of high-end bows. The package includes a 4-arrow quiver, 2 feet paper target Truglo EZ brush rest, Allen Wrench, stabilizer, and lifetime warranty.

Hoyt Torrex

The Torrex and Torrex XT are compound bows from the Hoyt brand, released as replacements for the renowned Powermax, and, boy, they are perfect. These bows deliver Hoyt’s finest, tried-and-true bow features without breaking the bank.

The Torrex has a decent top speed of 327 fps, a 7-inch brace height, and an axle-to-axle length of 30 3/4 inches. It has a lighter, more efficient parallel split-limb design that does not have the vulnerable v-groove or limb bolt groove seen in standard solid limbs. With a cam and a 1/2 system, this bow has a draw length range of 26 to 30 inches, making it an exceptionally adaptable bow.

Cams on top and bottom are connected by harnesses, guaranteeing they release at the same moment, each time, for increased accuracy and consistency in every shot. When the cycle is complete, the cam provides a smooth and consistent pull and a sturdy back wall.

The only con to this bow is that it offers slightly less speed than the flagship Powermax.

Hoyt Torrex XT

The Torrex XT, on the other hand, uses shorter braces (6 inches), allowing it to shoot at speeds of up to 336 fps. This makes it perfect for individuals searching for a setup with a somewhat longer riser. However, it will cost you an additional fee. It weighs roughly 4 pounds and has a length of 30 inches between the axles.

It has the same bombproof TEC riser as Torrex and Hoyt’s new and enhanced X-Act Grip, shock pod vibration damping system, and roller cable protection.


The NXT brute (link to Amazon) is another great bow. It shoots at feats of up to 328 feet per second and hits targets with great accuracy thanks to its stable design. It has a large 30-inch length between axles but can be well handled in an easy way due to its 3.5 pounds overall weight. It allows a draw length of 22.5 up to 30 inches and 55 to 70 pounds with an 80 percent let off.

Made in the US, this package arrives with a 3-pin sight, 6- inch stabilizer, and 3- carbon arrows inside a 5-arrow quiver so you can get to work straight away. Above all, it’s available in both right- and left-hand designs.

The only con is the large axle length, which makes it hard to maneuver with the bow in hand. There have also been complaints that some packages arrive without the arrows and that the cam snaps easily. That said, this bow is packed with features that deliver great speed, power, accuracy, and adjustability, making it perfect for beginners and professionals.

Bowtech Amplify

This bow is more of a mid-range and comes loaded with a ton of features for great hunting or archery experience. It’s a grow-to-you bow with a wider limb design, synchronized binary cams, and new powershift technology. All of these characteristics assure high accuracy and hard-hitting power, as well as smooth drawing and arrow-splitting precision.

Because it has a brace height of 6 inches and can be adjusted to a draw-weight of up to 70, this bow can accommodate almost any archer. It shoots up to 335fps, which is more impressive than any bows in its class. Above all, the design includes an orbit dampener to reduce vibration.

The only con is that at 4 pounds, this bow feels a bit heavy. Plus, the package doesn’t include many accessories like other bows in its class.

Bear Archery Paradox

The Paradox (link to Amazon) is another compound bow priced under $1000. It weighs around 4.3 pounds and has rotating modules that allow you to adjust draw lengths from 25 up to 30 inches. The axle length is 32 inches, and the draw weight can be adjusted from 55 up to 70 pounds, with 75 percent left off.

This bow arrives ready to use. The package includes a quick shot whisker biscuit, five-spot quivers, D-loop, tube peep sight, and stabilizers. Thanks to a hybrid cam system and shock absorbing technology, you’ll enjoy a smooth drawing cycle, best speed, and accuracy.

This bow’s riser is carefully engineered to reduce flux and weight while providing optimum strength. The bow is ideal for practicing target shooting as well as hunting. It is equipped with contraband string and cables and can shoot at a maximum speed of 340 feet per second every time. The only cons are that it feels a bit heavy and can be quite noisy when in use. Additionally, it’s only a right-hand design; hence RTH is in its name.

Mathews Tactic

This is a mid-priced Mathews family bow with an adjustable AVS DYAD cam that operates between 23 and 30 inches in draw length. It has wide limbs and precision cams for optimal downrange performance and power. It also includes a harmonic stabilizer to dampen vibrations and Mathew’s trademark grip for a comfortable hold.

This bow fires accurately with a brace height of 7 inches and an extremely stable riser. It has an 80 percent left off and reaches a blistering top speed of 335 feet per second. It is available in 50, 60, and 70 lbs draw weight options. The only con is that is costs a bit more than other bows in the same class.

Budget compound bows buyer’s guide.

Compound bows are becoming increasingly popular as time passes. They have a lot of adaptabilities and can be adjusted to fit almost any user. However, deciding anything, consider the following bow details:

  • Eye Dominance: Almost everyone has a dominant eye; it’s the one that the brain trusts, so it keeps the target centered in the triangle, and therefore, you should shoot with the hand that corresponds with it. For example, people with a dominant right eye should shoot with their right hand and vice versa.
  • Draw Length: Measure your draw length and get a bow with a range that can be adjusted comfortably to your length.
  • Draw Weight: Get a bow with an adjustable draw weight so you can start light and build up to the max draw weight.
  • Axle to Axle Length: This depends on what you want to use the bow for; hunting bows need to be shorter for maneuverability and control, while longer bows are suitable for target shooting.
  • Speed: The bow’s speed is determined by the draw weight, weather, weight of arrows, and your strength. Get a quick bow for hunting. The larger the game, the larger the kinetic energy needed for a clean shot.
  • Noise: If you want to stay silent, go for bows with vibration dampening technology.
  • Brace Height: Bows with low brace height produce faster shots, but they also tend to be unstable. The opposite is true.
  • The Weight of the Bow Itself: Lightweight bows are easy to control and use, making them suitable for beginners but produce more sound and vibrations.
  • Cams: You can choose single, binary, hybrid, and twin cams. Many shooters prefer twin cams because they have high adjustment ranges. But you are welcome to try the others and gain first-hand experience.
  • Risers: This is the handle part of the bow, and it can be a reflex, straight or deflex. Reflex risers make a bow fast but less accurate, while deflex risers slow it down and increase accuracy. Straight risers provide balance, leading to quicker but more forgiving shots.

Parting Shot!

Thanks to a leap in bow manufacturing technology, you can now find low to mid-priced bows that come with the same capabilities as the flagship designs. The problem will be picking among the vast selection available, and the solution is testing them at a store that sells archery equipment. Also, remember that you can always seek the help of professionals to ensure a great start to your archery journey.