Best Archery Ranges Around Phoenix, Arizona

Best Archery Ranges Around Phoenix, Arizona

Finding good archery ranges in your area might be a difficult task, so I decided to do the work for you and find the best archery ranges around Pheonix, Arizona. These are the most recommended ranges in the area, with all the information you might need.

A list of the best archery ranges near Pheonix, Arizona:

  • Papago archery association
  • Arizona archery club
  • Archery headquarters

Since the area around the city is so large, I’ve gathered the absolute best places to practice archery, from different parts of the city. This will help narrow down the places you might want to go train at.

Papago Archery Association

The Papago Archery Association club is a non-profit organization that is also a part of USAA and ABFAA. It’s a close and personal group of archers who share the love of the sport.

The archery range is a part of the Papago Park Sports Complex, which is a large recreational park with areas designated to all sorts of sports.

The club has one outdoor range which is run by coaches for safety. During the week the club is open to the public with no fees but doesn’t supply equipment like targets, bows, and arrows. During weekends club members can enjoy practicing with the club gear.

Range fees

Prices may vary and are relevant to the information found at the time of writing this post.

The range is open to the public with no fees (if you bring your own equipment). It is customary to place an occasional small donation to help the club out.

Membership isn’t available just for anyone: you must have some previous archery experience, or you’ll need to take the beginner archery course the club offers. This ensures that archers know the proper etiquette and for the safety of the club members.

Individual membership to the club will cost 50$/year, and family membership (for 3 or more family members) will cost 150$/year. Club members do need to occasionally volunteer in the club, but it’s well worth it. Membership has a lot of benefits except using the club’s equipment, you can read about it here.

Archery classes and courses

If you’re just starting out with archery, you might want to join the beginner archery course the club offers. It includes 3 sessions of 90 minutes where USAA archery instructors coach on Olympic recurve style archery. Course graduates can later become members of the club.

Participants don’t need to bring any equipment and are welcome if they’re at least 8 years old. The courses are held multiple times in the spring or fall and are limited to 20 participants. Generally, this is a great opportunity for beginners to get into the sport.

If you’re looking for a little more personal attention, the club offers private archery lessons at a fair price.

Kids and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 20, who want some more intensive training might want to join the club’s JOAD program. Adults might enjoy the AAP program. To join these programs you must be a club member.

These programs teach attendees how to properly shoot the bow, range safety, and much more. These programs include shooting all styles of bows (recurve, compound, and barebow). They include weekly coached recreational/competitive classes.

Hours of operation

Since this is an outdoor range, the hours of operation are generally limited by sunlight time. The hour of operation of the club:

Opening hourSunrise / 6:00 AMSunrise / 6:00 AM
Closing hourSunset / 7:00 PMNoon


Arizona Archery Club

The Arizona Archery Club and range are located in the northern area of Phoenix. The small club has an archery pro shop and a range and hosts archery events and classes.

Their indoor range is climate controlled and allows shooting in between 10 and 40 yards, which is perfect for most archers. It’s recommended to call ahead if you want to reserve a lane.

The club also rents equipment at an additional cost. They’ll provide you with a Genesis compound bow or a Razorback recurve, which are pretty good for beginners to intermediate archers. Of course, you’ll also get 6 arrows.

Range fees

Prices may vary and are relevant to the information found at the time of writing this post.

The range fees are fair and are based on the time of day. On mornings of weekdays (Thu-Fri) the range fee is 6$ per hour and is 10$ per hour on weekday evenings (Thu-Fri) and on weekends (Sat).

If you need to rent equipment as well, the fee will be 25$ per hours, but it’ll include the lane reservation fee.

The club provided no information regarding membership options, but if you’re interested in one, you might want to give them a call and check.

Hours of operation

Morning Hours11 AM – 3 PM11 AM – 5 PM
Evening Hours3 PM – close


Archery Headquarters (Chandler)

If you’re willing to make a short drive, I’d suggest you visit Archery Headquarters club and range, located in Chandler. The club has an archery shop and they host different lessons and events.

The club’s range is a 30-yards indoor range, and it has 8 shooting lanes. Of course, it’s air conditioned.

The club also offers equipment rental, and they have both recurve and compound bows available. You’ll need to go through a safety orientation to rent the equipment.

Range fees

Prices may vary and are relevant to the information found at the time of writing this post.

The standard range fee is 8$ per hour. If you’re going to use the range a lot, you might want to take advantage of their offer of 35$/month (with a 6-month commitment). That’ll be a good deal if you’ll be shooting more than 4 hours per month.

These fees are only relevant for the standard hours of operation. If you want to use the range outside of operating hours, they also offer a 24-hour membership for 75$/year.

For frequent shooters, the AHQ club also offers some additional discounts you might want to take advantage of.

If you want to rent the equipment, you’ll be able to get a bow for an additional 15$/hour. They have both recurve and compound bows.

Archery classes and courses

The club hosts many different archery classes and courses, for almost all skill levels.

A 6-week beginner’s course is given both for adults and youth. The program is dedicated to teaching you the basics of archery. They also host an intermediate class and 1-hour introduction classes.

They also host more advanced programs like the AAA and JOAD/AAA combined programs, dedicated to experienced archers who want to farther hone their skills.

Hours of operation

Opening Hours11 AM11 AM
Closing Hours6:30 PM5 PM

The range also offers a 24-hour membership which will allow you to use the range outside of business hours.



We’ve listed the most well known, high-quality, well-known ranges in the area of Pheonix, Arizona. There’s a lot of variety, including indoor and outdoor ranges.

It’ll probably be most comfortable for you to go to the closest range to your home, but if you’re willing to drive a bit, there are a lot of options to choose from. If you’re practicing archery regularly, I’d opt to practice in a club that has a membership program, so you’ll pay lower fees.

All and all the options here are great, so whether you’re just starting out or you’re more advanced, you have a variety of ranges to go to.